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Medical is a very powerful theme with many features easy to edit for both, users without programming knowledge and for developers. It empowers you to change any color of elements such as backgrounds, texts, links, menu links, typography, etc. The main content block is placed before the sidebar regardless of the sidebar position, so it is crawled first by search engines, so its SEO Optimized :)










Well as promised i would like to inform all of you of how my project has ended.

Without Maqk’s support i would not have achieved what has been achieved and THAT MEANS dedicated support far and beyond what i have come across in so many years dealing with site / theme work.

This gentleman has and does possess what clients like me value and end up remaining as loyal customers without a second thought. Maqk’s response time is extremely fast given that we all live in different time zones and that is one factor we should all take into account when one decides to dive into site work. My limited knowledge in coding and Maqk’s ability to guide me through the process and allowing me to perform task that were unknown to me due to my lack of php knowledge was what gave him the extra thumbs up..!

Knowing that no matter what i was doing he would be there in the event i crashed my site simply sky rocketed him into my books. Asking for help beyond the scope of theme work on personal site issues (technical) was what has sealed Maqk as one of my official site suppliers..!

In closing i would simply and honestly say to all. That if you intend on purchasing any ….and i mean any of his themes / plugins then you should know that his support is something that perhaps other theme generators should and more than likely take into serious consideration.

If this is your first time diving into WordPress and themes then i highly reccomend you to look no further. This is your man.


Custom Appointment Table
Custom Doctors Post Types
Theme comes with default 30+ sociable icons of 16×16 pixels sizes can be added easily from theme options panel. Displays on right side of the footer. Theme provides unlimited custom sidebars option where you can add for pages or posts. Display the sidebar positioning left of right side for each page or posts without effecting the code hierarchy as the main content block is always placed before the sidebar regardless of the sidebar position. It’s best for SEO to have your sidebar on the right so your main content is crawled first, if you use a left sidebar to show your most recent posts they will rank higher in SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Theme currently has 6 Column support for the footer where you can place the custom widgets or default widgets including the Teaser text for the footer area. Theme comes with simple, easy and feasible option to use shortcodes built in the theme with just one click. Theme have almost 100+ Shortcodes including typography styling and blog posts styling. v1.8 – Updated – 30th January 2014
 - NEW : UI Changed for Admin Options Panel - NEW : UI Changed for Shortcode Generator - Fixed : Appointment Template - Fixed : Doctors Template profile button color - Fixed : Doctors Template text localization - Fixed : Doctors Shortcode text localization - Added : Google Font Preview in options panel - Added : Active Menu Link color for secondary menu - Fixed : Thumbnail image in  Slider Post type in admin. - Fixed : Lightbox opening in a new window - Fixed : Messagebox width changed to the integer. - Fixed : Twitter spanish and other language charset issue. - Updated : Twitter Shortcode and widget. - Updated : Galleriea javascript plugin - Updated : Clickable label for checkbox fields in generators 
v1.7 / Updated – 30th August 2013
 - Updated : WordPress-3.6 compliance - Fixed : Responsive issue in streched layout - Fixed : Default static slider responsive issue - Fixed : Time format has fixed in doctor appintment form - Fixed : Default comment author gravtar path fixed - Added : Default Static image in "images" root directory     - Added : Orderby doctor name and limit feature added in theme option panel - Added : Pagenation option added in doctor profile page.  - Updated : Footer sidebar widget titles has updated - Updated : Mobile Specific Metas in "header.php"  - Fixed : Footer copyright background color changing issue from theme option panel. 
v1.6 / Updated – 10th July 2013
 - Fixed : Layout option not saving - Fixed : WP 3.5.2 Bug issue - Fixed : Colo skinning option - Added : Topbar menu added in responsive now - Added : Custom Slider Option - Added : Custom Slider Option in pages - Added : Twitter API v1.1 Option in theme options - Added : Fixed responsive doubles list option - Added : Typography separated for body, headers etc - Added : Google Web fonts 
v1.5 / Updated – 08 April 2013
 - Fixed Appointment Form + Revamped Google Map with new stylers + Added Mobile Responsive Feature + Admin Interface Changed + Layout for the Appointment Form Changed + Localization Added - Fixed Contact Form Bug - Removed Timthumb Image Resizer + Added Blog Meta Disable Option - Fixed post single page breadcrumb issue. - Removed Cufon Fonts + Added 500+ Custom Google Fonts - Changed the Footer Layout to Dark - Fixed Skin Generator Issues. 

v1.4 / Updated – 27 October 2012

     + Wordpress 3.5 ready     + Added Google Map Shortcode     + Added Google Map Multiple Marker Option     + Added Google Map Widget     + Added Calendar Week Start Day option     + Added Contact Form shortcode     + Added Contact Form widget     + Added Days and Month Labels translation added in coding.     + Blog Shortcode Added     - Fixed Custom Sidebar Bug     - Fixed Menu Color issue     - Fixed Menu Hover z-index. 

v1.3 / Updated – 23 October 2012

   - twitter.php Updated to Latest Twitter API  

v1.2 / Updated 27th September 2012

   - Child Theme   - Datepicker ui changed and used core files from wp library   - Fixed custom sidebar issue   - Fixed stretched layout bug   - Fixed Dropdown bug in IE   - Added localization supports and localization file (default.pot) 

v1.1 / Updated 24th August 2012

   - Fixed Color Options for copyright footer headings and titles   - Fixed Custom Extra CSS Option Bug in theme options panel.   - Added Color Option changing for subheader title background color   - Slider Speed Changing Option 


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